Provisions Restaurant & Market – Meet the Maker

Provisions Restaurant & Bar - Yakima, WA

Provisions Restaurant & Market – Meet the Maker

March 7, 2019

When a restaurant team brings passion and dreams to the table, you can taste it and you can feel it when you walk through the door. That’s what you find at Provisions Restaurant & Market.

When Lindsay Park, Provisions Executive Chef and General Manager, returned to her roots in Yakima, she already had hopes of bringing a project to life that would allow her to deliver local, seasonally inspired dishes to the Valley. So, when Brig Temple approached her in 2016 about opening a restaurant in Terrace Heights it was a dream come true. “After a three-hour meeting both Brig and Lindsay walked away feeling like they’d found a common goal,” says Amy Park, Assistant General Manager and Market Manager.

Community Connections

The dream of Provisions was about more than just food though. “I love living in Yakima, so being able to contribute to our community by bringing Provisions to life is as much a part of the dream as the restaurant itself,” says Lindsay who loves to see community members coming together at the restaurant. “Just the other day, a group of all my elementary school teachers from Nob Hill came in to lunch. It was so fun seeing them, as it is seeing all of the people that support us at Provisions. I feel like it’s such a gift to have people come and celebrate different life events with us, letting us be part of those moments,” she explains.

Provisions fosters that sense of community with events such as last spring’s Grower + Chef asparagus celebration with Imperials Garden and a new event bringing people together around wine. “We’ve recently started a wine social club, a wine dinner held every other month, showcasing wines from our Valley and around the world, paired with as many local ingredients as we can get our hands on,” says Lindsay.

The focus on community is as much internal as it is about the Valley as a whole. Amy and Lindsay foster a sense of appreciation and connection among the staff in hopes that the sentiment is felt by their guests. “As time and goals progressed, things came into focus regarding not only menu items and ambiance, but a heavy concentration on having a strong team that can deliver what Yakima deserves,” says Amy. “One idea that we have always concentrated heavily on, is that if we focus on our employees and help them feel appreciated, heard and respected, our guests will in turn feel welcome and excited to see what we have to offer them with each new visit,” says Amy. Lindsay ads, “We very much focus on our staff as a team that we are all a part of, which is part of why I think you feel the sense of family while at Provisions. That’s something we love hearing.”

“When you consider the vast local agricultural availability we have, being in the middle of wine and beer country, we wanted to create a menu that highlighted what we love the most – the Yakima Valley,”

Provisions Restaurant & Bar - Yakima, WA

Flavors of the Valley

Amy echoes Lindsay’s love of Yakima and that excitement about the Valley is evident on the menu. “When you consider the vast local agricultural availability we have, being in the middle of wine and beer country, we wanted to create a menu that highlighted what we love the most – the Yakima Valley,” Amy says. You’ll find those local flavors on the menu at Provisions. “Having access to so many farms and all the amazing farmers that grow the crops our valley is known for, as well as new items that they’re just starting to work with, to our tables to see what we can do with them has been so much fun!” Lindsay says. We also want to make sure we are changing our menu often, so all of the regulars we are so lucky to have can choose from a menu of some of the dishes that have become so well loved at Provisions but also have new options they may not have tried before on our fresh sheets. We change the overall menu seasonally and have a new lunch and dinner fresh sheet bi-monthly.”  

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