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Media Assistance

This section is designed for members of the print, broadcast and digital media, including freelance writers. The Yakima Valley Tourism Public Relations Department assists qualified travel journalists with developing stories about the Yakima Valley and area businesses and attractions.

Visual Assets

Looking for photos or video of our communities, restaurants, events, museums or other subjects? Contact the Communications and Travel Trade Manager and let us know how we can help you.

Fact Checking

Fact checking services are offered to journalists writing about the Yakima Valley. To submit a manuscript for review, please contact the Communications and Travel Trade Manager and specify your deadline and allow for at least a 48-hour turnaround.

Contribute to YVT Efforts

Are you a local photographer or videographer? We are always looking for photos and videos of our beautiful Yakima Valley. If you'd like to share your photos or videos for use in our marketing and public relation efforts. Please contact the Communications and Travel Trade Manager to share a link to your work.


Yakima Valley Tourism coordinates group and individual media visits to the Yakima Valley throughout the year. Requests are handled on an individual basis and the level of support provided depends upon the journalist's story, advance notice provided, time of year, length of stay, etc. If you're a journalist who is planning a trip to the Yakima Valley and need assistance, the following steps will help us to help you:

  1. Verify that you are eligible to receive media rates and complimentary services. All media visits are documented by YVT. Journalists with a previous working relationship are already deemed qualified.
    • a. Media Staff: Travel journalists and editors working as paid staff at magazines, newspapers, websites, travel radio programs and/or travel television programs should submit a business card and a supervisor's contact information for YVT to follow up with.
    • b. Freelance: Freelance travel journalists on assignment should submit a letter of assignment and their editors' contact information. Freelancers without a specific assignment may submit 4-5 travel articles published within the past 12 months in mainstream travel publications and carrying the journalist's byline. Submitted clips must be bylined and dated.
  2. Contact the Yakima Valley Tourism Communications and Travel Trade Manager with as much lead time as possible. At least a 30-day notice is appreciated.
  3. Fill out a Media Trip Request Form: CLICK HERE.

Note: Yakima Valley Tourism cannot provide airfare for your trip, nor can it pay for ground transportation to Yakima, although a list of local rental companies will be supplied if requested.

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