Freehand Cellars – Meet the Maker

Freehand Cellars - Yakima Valley Wine Tasting

Freehand Cellars – Meet the Maker

May 25, 2023

It’s been just about three and a half years since Freehand Cellars opened doors, but it feels like they’ve been a fixture in Yakima Valley wine country for ages. Their architecturally inspired space, beautiful grounds and arguably unmatched view make for an outstanding wine tasting adventure. So, what inspired the architect and artist team to create Freehand Cellars? Co-owner Eduardo Oliveira fills us in. 

You’ve shared that in your past visits to the Valley, it seemed like a secret, sunny paradise. What exactly inspired you to establish your wine-making venture here?

My wife and I had been traveling from Seattle to the Yakima Valley for more than 10 years and we always loved it. It is such a refreshing change in scenery when coming from the rainy Puget Sound – and the views are gorgeous! We built beautiful memories from traveling with our parents, friends, and later with our daughters. The Valley and the wineries gave us many special moments of hanging out in the sun, in beautiful settings, and playing with our kids. We have photos with our newborns at wineries like Terra Blanca, Silverlake, Hedges and Bonair that we’ll always treasure. Freehand Cellars was created out of a desire to spend more time in the area and to become part of this community.

How is wine-making an extension of your artistic expression?

There are few things in life that give more satisfaction than to be able to create something you enjoy and that will be shared with and appreciated by others. We want to create wines that stand up for our love of the Valley, our love of enjoyment of life, and our love of architecture. The architecture is reflected on the labels. The Valley is reflected in our commitment to source all our grapes, and fully produce our wines in the Valley itself, and our love of enjoyment of life is reflected in our dedication to produce wines that are special but not out of reach – perfect for having with friends.

Your tasting room team crafts amazing experiences for visitors. What do you hope guests take away from their time at Freehand?

We want to create a place where people can celebrate the Valley, the views, the wine, and friendship. Wine is special in the way that it is a great excuse to celebrate the moment or to bring people together in a relaxed atmosphere. We also want to showcase how each grape translates into different taste profiles by making all our wines 100% single varietals, but that is secondary. It is really about having a good time and celebrating life.

What is the vision behind the unique boutique lodging available at Freehand?

We spend so little time these days close to farmland, and people need that. It feels great to spend time out there, in the middle of the orchards and the vineyards. We want to give people a chance to reconnect with this agricultural environment, away from the cities and the business of life, and to be reminded of the beauty of the Valley and the nature that is all around. We’ve had guests who came to celebrate weddings, families who just needed to escape during the COVID lockdowns, and people who came to recover from a recent death in the family. These are some of the life stories they told us, and we are proud and happy to have created a little getaway to share with all of them.

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