Crafted Yakima – Meet the Maker

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Crafted Yakima – Meet the Maker

May 25, 2023

For Dan and Mollie Koomoo, husband and wife owners of Crafted – An  Eatery & Bar, family and community were at the heart of what they wanted to create when they moved to Yakima to open their restaurant. Equally important is being as close to the source of the foods they craft.

What inspiration do you and your team find in being just minutes from the farms and ranches where your foods are produced?

Our inspiration is simple. It’s the people. When asked by our farmers and producer’s what we would like to see from them our answer is always “whatever you’re excited about we will be excited about.” Noone knows this valley the way the farmers do, so it would be foolish for us to not take their lead when it comes to the superior quality of produce that the entire world has come to recognize. This is why we do what we do, it’s to show respect and homage to those who have been doing it for generations.

You create a sense of community in the dining experience at Crafted. What has the Yakima Valley community meant to you in your adventure?

Without our community there would be no Crafted. We came here with a specific goal of being a true community focused restaurant and focusing on using as many locally produced goods and services. Our guests are more than just hungry mouths we want to make smile, they are family.

How do you see the Valley’s dining scene growing from here?

We are just one of many locally focused business owners looking to help push our amazing valley to new heights. The beverage industry in Yakima has been such a draw for decades. Now with the help of others like us, we hope to make an impact in how the rest of the region views the valley’s emerging restaurant scene.

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