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    Savage Mustard started out as an escape and side project for Tracy Savage, founder of Savage Mustard. Growing up, she was fortunate to have amazing cooks in her family. Her Grandma Emma?s German dishes were shared with her mother, Barbara, and passed down to her. One of these recipes was for a special mustard to go with BBQ pork. Through numerous revisions and with the help of many family recipes, Sassy Sweet became her first mustard. Over the years Tracy has enjoyed making mustard for family and friends and has sold some at local bazaars and pop-up events throughout the Yakima Valley in Washington. She had no idea that she was creating a fan base of self-proclaimed ?mustard snobs? with Savage Mustard being the ?Go To? Condiment in their fridge!

    Our Mustard
    The Savage Mustard trio offers a condiment compliment to a wide variety of snacks and dishes. Our original, Sassy Sweet, offers a sweet yet tangy flavor our customers favor. The Savage Chili Pepper mimics the same sweet start but adds an extra kick of chili for those loving the perfect amount of spice. To round it off, Del-ish Deli brings a more classic deli mustard taste to favorites from sandwiches to traditional dishes.

    Our Business
    Savage Mustard is fortunate to be based in wine country in the lower Yakima Valley in Washington State. Our products can be purchased online, at numerous wineries and businesses throughout the valley, and at pop ups and farmer's market events. Please see our Find Us page for locations that sell Savage Mustard as well as upcoming events. For inquiries about selling our products please reach out to

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