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Dichotomy Vineyards

  • Dichotomy was established in 2021 by winemakers Jarred Jenner and Rosie Signer-Jenner and was based in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Jarred was born in the Barossa Valley, South Australia and Rosie was born in Spokane, Washington and the two opposing hemispheres brought them together to share with you their love for their new home in the Yakima Valley as well as their love for the wines from South Australia. Dichotomy Vineyards is a unique winery that produces wines from the two distinct regions in South Australia and the Yakima Valley. This dichotomy is reflected in the winery's name, which means 'two parts' or 'duality.' Dichotomy Vineyards is committed to producing high-quality wines that showcase the unique characteristics of each region's grapes. The winery's wines are known for their bold flavors and complex aromas. Dichotomy Vineyards is a must-visit for any wine lover looking for a unique and unforgettable experience.

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    1320 Independence Road

    Outlook, WA 98938




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