Coyote Canyon Winery - Prosser, WA

Coyote Canyon Winery

  • Coyote Canyon Winery is a reflection of the Andrews Family?s lifelong tradition of cultivating the land. Located in south central Washington State and the heart of the Horse Heaven Hills, this unique terroir and climate has nurtured Coyote Canyon Vineyard?s award winning premium grapes since 1994.

    Mike?s love for the land and his desire for perfection in attending to the smallest vineyard detail is reflected in every glass of Coyote Canyon and H/H Estate premier wines. You can trust our name built on ?The Promise of the Land and Tradition!?

    We invite you to savor our wines, explore and enjoy the beauty of our vineyard, and join our CCW wine club.

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    357 Port Avenue, Studio A

    Prosser, WA 99350




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