Yakima Valley Wine Country

Yakima Valley Craft Beverages

The Yakima Valley is the reason why we have such excellent craft beer, wine and cider here in the Pacific Northwest. Our valley produces over 75 percent of the nationís hops, grows nearly half of Washington Stateís wine grapes, and harvests more apples than anywhere else in the Northwest. What makes this place unique is being able to sip your favorite craft beverages among the fields, vineyards and orchards where the ingredients are actually grown. When you come to the Yakima Valley, you come to the source!

  • Wine Country

    As the Yakima Valley's viticulture has matured over the last three decades, our winemakers are some of the most respected in the Northwest. With over 120 wineries and five AVAís in just 70 miles, wine tasting in the Yakima Valley is a rewarding and unique experience.


  • Hops & Beer

    The volcanic soil and long, hot days makes the Yakima Valley the ideal place to grow hops. We proudly produce over 75% of our nation’s hops, which means there wouldn't be craft beer without our farmers! When you come to the Yakima Valley, you come to the source!


  • Cider

    The Yakima Valley is the largest apple producing region in Washington State, and our local cider-makers take full advantage of the bountiful harvests. They freshly press apples of all varieties to make some of the freshest, crispest cider in the Pacific Northwest!


  • Spirits

    Thanks to the fertile fields and orchards that stretch across the Yakima Valley, our distillers can bottle their spirits throughout the year. Making everything from vodka to brandy to even moonshine, our local distillers showcase the bounty of the Yakima Valley.


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