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Welcome to the 2021 Yakima Valley Sports Awards!

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FALL 2020 NOMINEES (Open/Close)

Winners are in bold print.

Girls Soccer

  • Alexia Lee, Eisenhower
  • Gillian Martin, La Salle
  • Kendall Moore, La Salle
  • Dylan Philip, Ellensburg
  • Ashlyn Valdivinos, West Valley


  • Jason Grant, Toppenish
  • JP Leahy, West Valley
  • Eric Martinez, Prosser
  • Myles Newhouse, Sunnyside
  • Caleb Woodcock, West Valley

Boys Cross Country

  • Ben Connell, West Valley
  • Isaac Immel, Riverside Christian
  • Oscar Lopez, Eisenhower
  • Cooper Quigley, Selah
  • Reid Weaver, Sunnyside

Girls Swimming & Diving

  • Emma Fischer, Davis
  • Addie Mitchell, Eisenhower
  • Katie Ramos, Selah
  • Izzy Vick, Selah
  • Kyli Washabaugh, Selah

Girls Cross Country

  • Isabela Alvarado, Eisenhower
  • Hannah Hilton, Eisenhower
  • Kate Laurent, Ellensburg
  • Rylee Leishman, Ellensburg
  • Nicole Murdock, West Valley


  • Zoey Crimin, West Valley
  • Abby Harrell, Ellensburg
  • Kaycee Hazzard, Sunnyside
  • Addison Scott, Selah
  • Kennedy Webb, West Valley
WINTER 2020-21 NOMINEES (Open/Close)

Winners are in bold print.

Boys Swimming & Diving

  • Charlie Hudson, Selah
  • Ian Muffet, Zillah
  • Joey Oplinger, Eisenhower
  • Tyke Stewart, Eisenhower
  • Coleman Wright, Prosser

Girls Basketball

  • Trista Hull, La Salle
  • Dylan Philip, Ellensburg
  • Ashlynn Sylve, East Valley
  • Halle Wright, Prosser
  • Kiana Yesiki, Eisenhower

Girls Bowling

  • Laurel Heesemann, Eisenhower

Boys Basketball

  • Clay Delp, Zillah
  • Haden Hicks, Prosser
  • Logan Kinloch, West Valley
  • Noah Pepper, Selah
  • Daniel Singleterry, Sunnyside

Girls Wrestling

  • Ruby Clark, Toppenish
  • Lynette Espinoza, Davis
  • Lexie Garza, Wapato
  • Ruby Rios, Toppenish
  • Shealynn Spino, Eisenhower

Boys Wrestling

  • Eli Barajas, Sunnyside
  • Gage Cook, Granger
  • Andrew Macias, Sunnyside
  • Abel Nava, Toppenish
  • Jesse Salinas, Selah

Winners are in bold print.

Boys Soccer

  • Diego Cervantes, Sunnyside
  • Justin Jacobo, Grandview
  • Zinedine Moreno, West Valley
  • Ezequiel Rodriguez, Sunnyside
  • Isai Rodriguez, Toppenish

Girls Golf

  • Lexi Becker, Selah
  • Addie Scott, Selah
  • Courtney Stratton, West Valley
  • Campbell Thorner, West Valley
  • Marisa Tillequots, Wapato


  • Tori Espinoza, West Valley
  • Audrey Kime, Naches Valley
  • Aerin Lee, Selah
  • Sydney Wells, Selah
  • Sydney Yates, West Valley

Girls Track & Field

  • Caitlyn Cheney, Ellensburg
  • Faith Hahn-Landis, Naches Valley
  • Kambria Hartrick, Ellensburg
  • Kara Mickelson, Eisenhower
  • Erica Torres, Sunnyside

Boys Golf

  • Khale Calhoun, East Valley
  • John Kim, Davis
  • Trey LeCheminant, West Valley
  • Colton Owen, West Valley
  • Jack Sutton, West Valley

Pete Orgill Baseball Athlete of the Year

  • Eli Grange, West Valley
  • Blake Leaverton, West Valley
  • Dean Pettyjohn, Selah
  • Stevan Rodriquez, Eisenhower
  • Connor Schlect, West Valley

Boys Track & Field

  • Damian Corbray, Davis
  • Myles Newhouse, Sunnyside
  • Julian Ortiz, West Valley
  • Cooper Quigley, Selah
  • Reilly Williams, Prosser

Boys Tennis

  • Kellam Adams, Selah
  • Humberto Hinojosa, Wapato
  • Henry Preacher, West Valley
  • Logan Kinloch & Kel Griffiths, West Valley
  • Quentin Garretson & Malachi Young, Selah

Girls Tennis

  • Mary-Frances Ballew, Selah
  • Alisha Shetty, West Valley
  • Ellie Tweedy, West Valley
  • Tanna Bond & Addie Ladd, Selah
  • Courtney Standley & Reese Vetsch, La Salle
TEAM and COACH 2020-21 NOMINEES (Open/Close)

Fall Team of the Year

  • Davis Girls soccer
  • Ellensburg Girls cross country
  • Prosser Football
  • West Valley Football
  • West Valley Volleyball

Fall Coach of the Year

  • Dan Eyman, West Valley football
  • Erin Koerner, Sunnyside volleyball
  • Zack Schab, Selah girls swimming
  • Jason Smith, Toppenish football
  • Tepo Tereza, Davis girls soccer

Winter Team of the Year

  • Selah Boys Basketball
  • Selah Boys Swimming & Diving
  • Selah Boys Wrestling
  • Toppenish Boys Wrestling
  • West Valley Boys Basketball

Winter Coach of the Year

  • Jon Kinloch, West Valley Boys Basketball
  • Mario Mengarelli, Zillah Boys Basketball
  • Jason Moyer, Sunnyside Boys Wrestling
  • Rick Puente, Sunnyside Girls Basketball
  • Jeff Whitney, Ellensburg Girls Basketball

Spring Team of the Year

  • Grandview Boys Soccer
  • Naches Valley Softball
  • Selah Softball
  • Toppenish Boys Soccer
  • West Valley Baseball

Spring Coach of the Year

  • Ryan Froula, West Valley Baseball
  • Uriel Gonzalez, Toppenish Boys Soccer
  • Bill Harris, Selah Softball
  • Anne Holden, Grandview Boys Soccer
  • Jaime Vasquez, Granger Softball