Yakima Valley Spirits and Hops Trail


Visiting a cidery, distillery or brewery is a popular adventure when traveling, but really understanding where the main ingredients come from is unique to the Yakima Valley. Why? Because we grow them. Our fertile agricultural valley grows the vast majority of the nation’s hops, hundreds of thousands of acres of tree fruit and 13,000 acres of vineyards. The pumice of the grapes and tree fruits make exquisite spirits to taste. Craft brewers know the Yakima Valley and its many varieties of hops. As a special experience unique to the Yakima Valley, many tasting locations tour you amongst the vines, trees and fields where the ingredients for these craft products are grown.

Yakima Valley Spirits and Hops Trail

Sip Spots

Imbibe in Yakima Valley suds and spirits at these local sip spots.

Wineries that Serve Local Beer, Cider or Spirits

Yakima Valley Spirits and Hops Trail

Guzzle & Grub

These Yakima Valley restaurants (and wineries) carry local brews and/or spirits for you to enjoy along with great food.

Yakima Valley Spirits and Hops Trail

Brews Buddies

These companies provide one or more of the following: Offer tastes, sell local brews, hard ciders or distilled products to take home, offer home brew kits, or provide visitor information.