Cowiche Creek Brewing Company

Located in the farming community of Cowiche, WA, we create beers that celebrate two of the best parts of Washington Agriculture - malt and Yakima hops!

  • Cowiche Creek Brewing Company
Growing up as third generation farmers from small towns in Central Washington, we are no strangers to hard work. In 2012 we dove into home brewing and then growing hops to create beers that made the flavors and aromas of hops stand out. We built our own brew house, recreated commercial processes and beers, planted hop yards, and set out to build our own style of beers that were less malt and a ton more hops. Not more bitter but instead bursting with aroma and flavor. The citrus, pine, and tropical fruit notes are what we love about our valley's hops.

514 Thompson Road

Cowiche, WA 98923

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