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    Women's Concealed Carry Level I - In spite of the fact that Washington State has no education requirement for a Concealed Pistol Permit, our Women's Concealed Carry Class is a MUST for women wanting to know the laws and rules regarding Concealed Carry in this state.  What are the dangers and considerations of carrying a concealed weapon? Where is it still unlawful for a CPP holder to have a firearm?  This class is specifically designed for Ladies Only.


    Review of Safe Gun Handling Skills

    Learn about Washington State Law regarding Self Defense and Justifiable Homicide 

    Where you can and cannot carry a concealed pistol in Washington State

    Deadly Force/Armed Self-Defense Mindset

    Situation Awareness and Conflict Avoidance

    Dealing with the police both before and after a self-defense incident

    Holster options, with women's needs in mind

    A Live-Fire portion in our climate-controlled indoor range to practice these skills

    Women's General Concealed Carry Level II - The General Concealed Carry Level II class starts off where level I ended. The first 30 minutes will be a refresher of the fundamentals learned in lesson 1 with a higher focus on Drawing from a holster and tactical movement. Students will draw their firearm from the holster during level II, so students need to bring a holster with their firearm. Shooters will be challenged with drills to better understand situations they may encounter during real life events. Students will have the opportunity to run their selected self-defense ammunition through their firearm. This class is designed for the shooter who has their shooting foundation established in our other Basic classes, and have made the decision to carry on a daily basis.


    Firearms Safety and review of marksmanship

    Drawing and re-holstering using a concealment holster

    Tactical movement during gunfight

    Use of cover

    Explanation of Front Sight Focus, Flash Sight Picture and Retention Shooting, and the use of each one


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