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    1pm - 6pm

    In spite of the fact that Washington State has no education requirement for a Concealed Pistol Permit, our General Concealed Carry Class is a MUST for anyone wanting to know the laws and rules regarding Concealed Carry in this state.  What are the dangers and considerations of carrying a concealed weapon? Where is it still unlawful for a CPP holder to have a firearm?  These and other questions will be answered by this class, the curriculum written specifically for The Range by a long time Yakima Police Officer and Homicide Detective.  

    OBJECTIVE: Review of Safe Gun Handling Skills, Learn about Washington State Law regarding Self Defense and Justifiable Homicide, Where you can and cannot carry a concealed pistol in Washington State, Deadly Force/Armed Self-Defense Mindset, Situation Awareness and Conflict Avoidance, Dealing with the police both before and after a self-defense incident, Holster options, Review of Marksmanship (including Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment and Trigger Press), A Live-Fire portion in our climate-controlled indoor range to practice these skills

    GEAR REQUIREMENTS: Handgun with two magazines or revolver (recommended to have a speed loader), Comfortable clothing suitable for standing long periods of time. Open toed shoes or low-cut clothing are not acceptable for training, Hearing and Eye protection (wrap around eye protection recommended), A baseball cap is strongly recommended (prevents ejected brass from falling on the face/neck area), Ammunition, 100 rounds 

    RENTAL OPTIONS: Gun rentals are available with no rental charge for use during class. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time of training to select a firearm. All firearms rented must be accompanied by our ammo (available at reasonable prices). No outside ammo is allowed through rental firearms.  

    COURSE COST - $150

    There is no prerequisite to this class, however new and inexperienced shooters are strongly encouraged to take Basic Handgun Level I first.

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      1701 Garretson Lane, Yakima, WA 98908

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