McGuire’s Irish Restaurant and Pub – The Spirit of the Irish and A Place Like Home

McGuire’s Irish Restaurant and Pub

McGuire’s Irish Restaurant and Pub – The Spirit of the Irish and A Place Like Home

March 15, 2019

You don’t have to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to find the spirit of the Irish running strong in the Yakima Valley. At McGuire’s Irish Restaurant and Pub, it’s more than the festive strings of green lights, shamrocks, Irish memorabilia and pints of Guinness or green beer – it’s a sense of belonging.

When you walk through the doors of Yakima’s long-standing quintessential Irish pub, it feels like being welcomed into the home of a friend.That’s exactly what owner, Jeanne Dyke, hopes for. “There is so much love in this place,” she says. “A lot of places say they’re like a family, but you feel it in here.”  Over the years, her vision for the restaurant has remained the same, to make everyone who visits McGuire’s feel as if they’re being welcomed with open arms.

Jeanne Dyke and her grandson Rory Gangle
Jeanne Dyke and her grandson Rory Gangle

Where Everyone Belongs

That sense of family begins among the staff. Currently run by Jeanne’s grandson, Rory Gangle, McGuire’s has been family owned and operated for the nearly 40 years Jeanne has owned it. They care for their staff and their customers like family. “We care for one another and for everyone and it all goes around” says Jeanne, describing the camaraderie among their regulars. “When one of our customers needed to travel to Seattle for open heart surgery, another customer volunteered to drive him,” adds Rory. Customers care for the McGuire’s team too. When McGuire’s needed to expand the restaurant to accommodate growth, customers volunteered to help with the addition – after all, it’s a place like home for many of them.

“We care for one another and for everyone and it all goes around”

From regulars to newcomers, you’ll find a relaxed and diverse crowd, sipping beers, having fun, sharing their stories with one another and throwing darts. “There are so many wonderful people here,” says Rory. “I can’t tell you all the wonderful things I’ve learned about them over time.” The walls tell their stories through photographs from over the years and shelves are filled with Irish keepsakes, many gifted to McGuire’s by customers.

A Taste of Ireland and The Valley

McGuire’s boasts an expansive menu with something for everyone. Be sure to try the signature soda bread and choose from Irish favorites such as bubble and squeak, shepherd’s pie, Irish stew and, of course, corned beef and cabbage. You’ll also find American favorites and one of the best breakfasts in town.

With a from-scratch kitchen, the McGuire’s team takes pride in sourcing as much as possible from Yakima Valley Growers, not only for the quality of Valley harvests, but to give back to the community. “We wish everyone here success,” says Jeanne. “We like to see Yakima keep growing and creating jobs for everyone.”

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